Call for Entries! Lagois Competition 2018 "Intangible Cultural Heritage"

Collage Lagois-Wettbewerbe 2008-2016
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There are moments that touch us and we go all goose-pimply: Beautiful music, a wild dance, a moving ritual. An artistic craft, tradition of our ancestors. Intangible cultural heritage leaves its indelible marks on us. But how do we transmit these memories? How can we learn from cultural heritage?

Lagois Photo Competition 2018 is looking for outstanding photographic works on the subject of

"Creativity, knowledge, tradition: To pass on intangible cultural heritage"

Applicants can submit photographs, smartphone photos and 60-second video clips dealing with cultural heritage. The international UNESCO list records 450 intangible cultural heritages, including three traditions from Germany. The German list contains 72 customs of intangible cultural heritage.

The competition is worth EUR 5,000 and a contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The event is under the patronage of the German commission for UNESCO as well as the Permanent Representative of the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (ELKB), Regional Bishop Susanne Breit-Keßler.

The photo competition comprises two categories and addresses both professional photographers as well as youngsters aged 14 to 27 years. Closing date for entries is November 30th 2018. Furthermore, we award a promotion prize for a project that is completed before November. Closing date for the promotion prize is July 30th 2018.

At the award ceremony in spring 2019 a travelling exhibition with a selection of the submitted photos will be introduced. The exhibition will go on tour through Germany being rented by galleries, municipalities and educational institutions.

The Bavarian Protestant Youth (ejb) and the printing house Pigture are cooperation partners. The weekly newspaper Sonntagsblatt, Protestant television Evangelisches Fernsehen (efs), Protestant radio Evangelische Funkagentur (efa), internet agency Vernetzte Kirche and the Protestant media agency Evangelische Medienagentur (ema) are media partners.

Lagois Photo Competition has been offered every second year since 2008 by Evangelischer Presseverband für Bayern e.V., the Bavarian Protestant media association. The prize was named after the Bavarian priest Martin Lagois (1912-1997) who shaped Protestant media communication due to his efforts in media work. In 2016, Lagois Photo Competition was dedicated to the topic "On the run: Women and migration".


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Lagois Photo Competition

Lagois Photo Competition on the subject of intangible cultural heritage is worth EUR 5,000. The photo prize is awarded in two categories:

  1. The photo prize in the amount of EUR 2,500 is directed at professional photographers.
  2. The youth prize addresses youngsters and young adults aged 14 to 27 years. It is sponsored by the Evangelische Jugend in Bayern and the Stiftung Evangelische Jugendarbeit. The youth prize is worth EUR 300 and awarded five times.  Teamwork can be submitted.  Anyone underage will have to enclose a declaration of consent from their parents.   

Applicants can submit analogue and digital photo reports or series with a maximum of ten photographs, smartphone pictures and short videos (max. 60 seconds). The photos must have been taken within the last three years. All Photos are accepted unless parts were added or deleted (composing). A selection of the submitted photos will be presented in a travelling exhibition.

To apply please hand in one PDF document size A4 including the following papers:

  • short CV with contact details (email, website, telephone)
  • 5-10 photographs, max. 3 short videos
  • short description of the project
  • people underage: declaration of consent from parents

Application deadline for Lagois Photo Competition is November 30th 2018.


Lagois promotion prize 2018

The promotion prize is worth EUR 1,000. The promoted project about intangible cultural heritage needs to be finished by the end of November 2018. The promotion is directed at photographers who would like to realize, finish or expand a certain photographic project. The results will be presented at the award ceremony in March 2019 (e.g. as an installation, analogue or digital exhibition).

To apply please hand in one PDF document size A4 including the following papers:

  • exposé on the subject with a description of its aim and a representation of its method (max. one page size A4)
  • CV with information on professional record as well as on publications and exhibitions
  • 5-10 photographs as work samples.

Application deadline for Lagois promotion prize is July 30th 2018.



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